A truly unique experince

Are you competetive enough to accept this one of a kind challenge?


Tablas point had built a survivor challenges that is good for group of friends, family bondings or just to challenge random guest too.


Divided into 2 teams consist of 2 to more members starts off with chugging a beer one at a time, after all the team members are finished the whole team will run to the Slingshot.


On the Slingshot, one member will do the sling by putting the ball on the pocket and release the ball, whilst the others catch it by their nets. Once the ball is on the net the team member who caught shall run to the ring and shooting the ball on it.....but the challenge is one of the opposing team will have a goaly protecting the ring from the other team who wants to score. That goaly can tackle or do whatever he needs to do to protect the other team from scoring. After 3 scores from each team they will run to the Shoot that ball.


The Shoot it on the Hole, one of each team member should get 3 balls and shoot the ball on the hole on top of the board. But of course the team member should go through the obstacle, once the balls get into the wrong hole then he/she should go back to the bottom untill all 3 holes on top has been shot with the ball while balancing on a bench..


After the Shoot that ball team member should knock out the bottles one by oneby member at a time. until all the bottles is knockde out.


Once finish they have to run to the members will run on the plank one at a time. jump off the barge, swim to the barge 5 meters away, climb the barge. On top of the barge are the keys. they have to get it first before jumping and swimming back to the shore. once on the shore they should use they keys to open a  box. inside the box is a puzzle. team memebers should build the puzzle. once its build..the team who finishes the puzzle wins the whole game. Prizes from the bar will be given to winnig team.


So are you up for the challenge???

Say "I have Survived!"

Prizes will be given to winners of the challenge. Game comes with an I WILL SURVIVE THE CHALLENGES wristbands,bandana and new friends!

We also have individual challenges for drinkers in the bar.  Watch out for more exciting and adrenalin pumping gams.....




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