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Tablas is the largest of the islands that comprise the province of Romblon in the Philippines. The name of the island was of Spanish origin. Before the colonization of the Philippines, Tablas was known as the Island of Osigan.


At the time of contact with Westerners,Osigan had a population of two hundred and fifty people living in small villages. Wax was produced in this island. Odiongan, on the west central coast of the island, is a major port and the largest municipality of Romblon in terms of population. Tablas is administratively subdivided into the municipalities of Alcantara, Calatrava, Ferrol, Looc, Odiongan, San Agustin, San Andres, Santa Fe, and Santa Maria.


Tropical Tablas has retained its original character. The wildlife and landscape appears untouched as deep-green vegetation is crossed by rivers and streams. Tablas Island provides a wide variety of outdoor activities. Visitors can explore wonderful waterfalls and caves surrounded by tropical nature. But it is not necessary to climb mountains to get stunning views. Through partial winding roads arise magnificent outlooks on surrounding nature. Roads are mostly paved with asphalt some are covered with gravel. Tablas is not nearly as frequented by tourists compared to Boracay Island of Aklan. Therefore, the beaches are deserted and quiet.


Tablas island thus offers a vast of sceneries, prestine white beach, crystal clear blue waters, an amazing snorkeling experience, hills view points, hidden caves and other adventures.











To Looc Town Adventures

Looc town is a beautiful town with beautiful peopl greeting you with a wide smile on there faces. Derived from the local word Look which means "Bay", as the town is situated inside a an amazing bay used as hiding place for big ships during typhoons. 


Looc Town is a half an hour boat ride from Tablas Point. A small town that offers many adventures. From Fish sanctuary, Clam gardens which just off shore the towns port, waterfalls namely Lumbia waterfalls which is 15 minutes away from Looc town. Offers a cooling and refreshing shower from a mushroom like shape rock whilst Garing waterfalls is 30 minute ride from  town . A waterfall developed by the government in order for tourist and locals to enjoy. There are also caves to trek, one is a 10 minute ride from town. This cave is for the extreme caving enthusiast as there small openings to go through. Whilst the other is for people who wants to see thousands of bats flying around there heads. An adventure you dont wanna miss.




Tablas Point called this hill "the One Tree Hill" because of its tree on top that has grown for years alone. Starting off with a motorbike, passing by rice fields and small villages in a rough road for 10 minutes, upon arriving the foot of the hill you will have to climb it by foot for 15 minutes. On top you will see the beautiful scnery Agmanic has to offer. An amazing view worth seeing.



St. Fe got it's name from a beauftiul village girl who was loved and revered by the people for its beauty and character. As the town implicates its true beautyconsisting of prestine beaches and lakesthat became a bird sanctuary. St. also has hills and mountains to climb to see the full view of the vast land with white coastal beach overviewing nearby island like Carbao Islan and Boracay island. St Fe bay has  afloating seafood restaurant where you can cook what caught. A small quite town with very nice communities and filled with happy villagers.


St. Fe is also home to many of the rare species of fish and a Clam garden of its own. The government is on the process of St. Fe coastal areas to be a sanctuary. The sanctuary which is located in the bay of the town is good for fish feeding and snorkelling.


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